“A reading with Dalia is like a glimpse into your soul. Time and time again, the information she shares - via the cards or her guides - is spot on.  And the messages are always delivered with Dalia’s beautiful open heart.” 

-Barbara Sinclair, Artist and Holistic Health Practitioner

"Dalia has a deep and accurate intuition. She not only interprets and reads Tarot, but understands essential oils, crystals, and numerology. But her real talent comes through every reading as she combines all of these with extraordinarily accurate channeling.  I am so grateful for Dalia and all of her skills and talents!" 

-Rachel McPherson

"I have worked with Dalia Carella for the past few years as an Intuitive Guide and Coach. Her work and guidance have been life changing and perspective changing as well! She has a very honest and straight forward -yet gentle- approach. She is able to show the transformative spiritual potential that works through life's challenges and difficulties and show what the significance of changing our perspective can have on changing our life. She is very focused and engaged with her clients and very loving. Her wisdom transcends the ordinary knowing as she is guided by her and your angels and spirits. I highly recommend Dalia's transformative packages for anyone who wants to change their life with grace, wisdom, and confidence.  She is truly the most gifted and humble healer I know."

-Dr. Gabrielle Francis,  Chiropractor,  Naturopath,  Acupuncturist,  Author " The Rx Star Remedy"

“Dalia reads from a Soul perspective, which is much deeper than traditional Tarot. Her work is profound and transformative and gets immediately to the core of who you are. She is a deeply spiritual and very practical guide at the same time. My reading left me feeling like there was a road map to create what I most cherish in my life”.  

-Sheri Winkelmann,  Actress/Political Activist

Dalia has a way of pinpointing exactly what is at issue, and an exact response with clarity that leads you to your purpose.  The guidance that she evokes goes to the core of the question with clear resolution as a result.  You will feel the calm surround you as she pulls the information together that you entrust her to share.

-Ruby Jazayre,  Dance Teacher/Performer