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Looking for Guidance for your Career, Love Life,  or Health?
Feeling stuck with fear and cannot move forward in your life?
Confused about what path you should follow to attain happiness?
Do you keep repeating the sames patterns over and over again?
Are you looking to make more money in your life and do what you love?

About My Work

Welcome to Transformational Healing Arts! I love to guide people to becoming their best selves by letting go of negative thoughts and blocks that are holding them back from claiming their beautiful, divine talent. My mission is to help people transform their lives, discover their unlimited potential and help them create empowering outcomes. I like to describe this work as "unconventional life coaching".  Using the ancient art of Tarot, Numerology and my own divine gift as an intuitive and medium,  I am able to guide people to a deeper level in the areas of love and relationships, finance and career goals, health and general well being.  Sometimes we get stuck and do not know how to trust ourselves to proceed in the right direction.  I use my gifts and training to learn an individual’s personality, strengths, talents, needs and inner obstacles, then pinpoint what they need to work on to move forward on their beautiful journey and attain joy, love, abundant wealth and divine health.  During a reading, I also provide messages from loved ones who have transitioned in the individual’s life or their spirit guides. This is a powerful way to help the individual get further clarity in moving forward on their path to happiness.  

I enjoy working with people who are seeking vision, clarity and truth, guiding them to the next level through my work and the use of metaphysical tools that the individual can use after the reading, including  journaling, affirmations, EFT (Tapping), meditations, aromatherapy oils and crystals.

Readings Available

Transformational Empowering Package: 3 sessions (4 hours in total)

This powerful package is recommended for clients seeking to remove the blocks and limitations that have been holding them back from reaching their full potential in the areas of love, finances, health, inspiration, or finding their life’s purpose. Working over three consecutive months, this package has proven to be very beneficial in keeping clients on track to achieving their goals, changing negative mindsets and transforming these beliefs into positive empowerment and growth!  Session One (2 hours) includes pinpointing where you are at the present moment, what you want to change and which steps need to be taken. This session also includes a Life Path Forecasting Intuitive Reading (scroll down below for Life Path Forecasting  Reading description). Homework will be given to the seeker using metaphysical tools such as  affirmations, journaling, EFT Tapping, releasing techniques, crystals and aromatherapy recommendations. Sessions Two and Three (both one hour sessions, 30 days apart from each other) determine where you stand in your transformational journey. These sessions target any new blocks or struggles that may have come up. You will gain deeper insights into yourself so you can continue moving toward your soul purpose. A General Tuneup Reading is also included in both Sessions Two and Three. New metaphysical tools will be discussed each month to release blocks and manifest your goals. 

  Life Path Forecasting Intuitive Reading - 2 hour Session (Recommended for new clients)

This intensive reading is highly recommended for new clients or for repeat clients who have never experienced this style of reading. This reading is helpful for clients seeking to learn about themselves on a deeper level. It is also helpful for clients who are seeking to understand why they keep repeating the same patterns in their life. The beginning of this reading focuses on your birth information combined with Numerology, and how your numbers correlate with the ancient teachings of the Tarot and the powerful Archetypes associated with each card.  Your Soul, Personality and Teacher cards will be revealed to give greater insight of how these archetypes play a significant role, on a conscious and subconscious level, on your life journey.  During this reading, I connect with the your spirit guides or loved ones that have transitioned who want to give powerful messages to help guide you on your life path.   Metaphysical tools will be discussed to guide you towards your goals. This session includes both a Life Path Forecasting and a General Intuitive Reading  (scroll down below for description of General Tune Up Reading).

General Reading - "The Tune Up" (Recommended for new or repeat clients)
 1 hour or 1.5 hour Session

This reading is highly recommended for clients that are seeking immediate attention to a specific situation that is going on in their lives or seeking a general overview of what energies will be coming to them within the next three to six months.  During this reading, I focus on what energies the client is moving out of and, most importantly, what is happening in your current and/or future situation in relation to the particular topic chosen. Topics include: love and relationships, finance and career goals, health and general well being.  During this reading, I connect with your spirit guides or loved ones that have transitioned who want to give powerful messages to help guide you on your life path.  Metaphysical tools will be discussed to guide you toward your goals.

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